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We offer a full range of Gas Services

Repairs of all types of Gas Appliances

We are qualified to install and repair many gas appliances, including;

Hobs Gas Fires/Gas Heaters Cookers Range Cookers Disconnected Meters and also Install/Remove Gas Pipes in the house and other gas repair work.

We follow regulations to the letter of the law and will be happy to provide advice and an estimate for any other gas appliance installation or repair that you might require.

Maintenance on all types of Radiators

bespoke radiator

Radiators provide the interface from hot water to warm rooms.

It is crucial that these are sized correctly to heat the space it sits in. The boiler must also be sized correctly (kilowatt rating) to provide enough heat for the radiators.

Bright Blue can supply and fit all types of radiators and even oversee the bespoke design fiddly ones! We always recommend that you attempt to vent the air from you radiators at least 2-3 times a year.


Keeping your home Safe

Firstly, if you are a landlord then it is the law (since 1996) to ensure that the appliances in your rented property have been checked by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

The Gas Safety Certificate lasts for 12 months. Gas Safety Checks receive our priority, so we aim to make your home safe. We don't take risks and neither should you.

The Gas Safe Certificate

gas safe certificate

We carry out gas safety checks on all the requested appliances thoroughly and leave no stone unturned. We don’t rush our checks as we are aware that the safety of individuals is paramount. We also provide this service if you have moved into a new property or would just like peace of mind where your gas appliances are concerned, as our aim is to prevent accidents happening in the first place. Once checked, we will issue all documentation relevant to the service for your records. It is also strongly recommended that the boiler be serviced at the same time.

Radiator Power-Flush

Are your radiators slow to warm up? Making strange noises? Require bleeding frequently? If you are also aware of cold spots on your radiators then you might consider the need for a power-flush to clean each radiator in turn.

thermostat radiator

The water in you heating system can contain a build up of rust and scale deposits clogging up and slowing your system down, due to these corrosive elements. This can result in pump failures and affects your systems efficiency. A power-flush can restore your systems efficiency and saves energy by removing the sediment from your system and replace it with clean chemically treated water. When we power-flush, we use heat, chemicals, magnets and a powerful pump to create turbulence inside each one of your radiators. We discard the dirty contents of each radiator in turn until our gauges show that the water in your central heating system contains within 10% particulates, that of drinking water. We then add an inhibitor that reduces the speed of oxidation of your radiators, allowing the water to flow better and protects your system.